Custom Diapers Update

Of course, things are a little behind my idealized schedule. What can I say? I’m impatient and want things to be ready already! But here we are.

I’ve been working with a manufacturer to design and build out my own customs for the past few weeks. They made a sample to showcase what the diaper features would actually look like, and the sample just arrived yesterday!

Let me first begin with the fact that they chose to build the sample with dinosaur print fabric. It already feels like fate.

I am super happy with the quality and the way it turned out. There were some minor changes I want to suggest (shape of tabs, length of waist). They’re not deal breakers, but in my mind would take it from fantastic to perfect. Once we knock out these little details, I can give the go-ahead for production.

I’m hesitant to pin down any times or dates for when I can launch the brand. Like, when I started months ago, I was hoping to have them in hand by Christmas time, but that looks undoable at this point. I’ll be able to open preorders and give a better idea of a launch date once production has started and the timeline becomes a little more firm.

I’m so excited for everything going on, and I hope you all enjoy it when its finished!