Hidden Costs?

Buyer beware: If you collect them, then it might not be cheaper than disposables.

One great thing about cloth diapering is how much money it saves in the long run. Disposables cost quite a lot each month, and that money just goes right into the trash when they get thrown out. On the other hand, cloth diapers can be reused. If you buy one size fits most diapers, you can use the same ones from birth until potty training. If you have another kid, you can use the same ones again. Double money save!


Well, nobody warned me that cloth diapering can be addictive. Many companies have exclusive prints that become hard to find, and cause some people (like me) to trade and collect. Think of it as Beanie Babies, only they get more poop all over them. And considering I’m the type of person to care more about design than anything else, it’s no wonder I got hooked.

I keep finding more companies with more that I WANT. I feel like the rich girl from Willy Wonka.

And my wallet is saying

And my baby is thinking

Essentially, this blog is my thought process on cloth diapers. How much I love or hate them, how cool the designs are, things I’m seeing in the community, new things I’m learning or wished I knew when I started, etc.

Are you addicted to diapers, or have you been able to avoid going bankrupt?