Nappy Envy

I live in the United States, and so when I see people posting GORGEOUS nappies made in the UK and Australia that they don’t sell in the US, I get insanely jealous. I think just looking at some of them posted on Instagram actually have changed my taste in what I like. I’m definitely gravitating more towards simple, modern, nature themes over pop culture references lately. And anything done in watercolor just makes it better.

I recently discovered Baby Bare Cloth Nappies from Australia and OMG. Their colors are so vibrant and the watercolors are stellar.

These two are the Peacock Parade and Sugar Gliders designs. They feel more like girl designs to me, though I haven’t let that stop me from putting designs I like on my boy.

One other thing, is that they have a lot of minky covers. I haven’t really tried minky and for some reason it never appealed to me. But considering how soft these designs look, minky seems to really fit with them. And I’d be willing to give it a try with these!

Look how vibrant these came out!

So umm, if anyone in Australia ever wants to ship me some things, let me know! I may have a few diapers you could mail for me…..