So it begins

I have entered the fabulous world of cloth diapering.

I never intended to. To be honest, the way I got started was looking for disposable diapers with more fun designs. I always think fun designs and colors make something more happy. My husband thought I was being difficult when we were picking cars because I valued color over most other features. If it makes me happy though, isn’t it good to be *happy* when driving? And isn’t it also better to be happy when handling dirty diapers?

Anyway, Google brought up a bunch of cloth diapers when I was looking for dino-themed diapers. At the time, I thought they were covers you put over disposables to give them a little extra protection, or in my case, flair. Essentially I thought they were supposed to be used like shorts! I suppose you actually could do that too, but man do I feel naive for thinking it in the first place. But I thought cloth diapers always had to have safety pins, right?

The designs I found were definitely a lot more fun than our Pampers, but it wasn’t until I found a bunch of fandom designs on Etsy that I really became excited. I could have a diaper with characters from Labyrinth? I could have some with Doctor Who? And Stranger Things? And Princess Bride?? I just knew I was going to have the coolest baby butt looking through all the possibilities. As a self-proclaimed Excel fanatic, I immediately made a list of all the diaper designs I loved, listed their prices, and then created a ranking system for me to prioritize which ones I wanted to try. (Let’s just say my first purchase included Miyazaki, taco, gaming, Winnie the Pooh, zombie, and chicken diapers.)

The more I looked, the more I also realized that they were not disposable covers. They were something much more complicated: covers, pockets, all-in-ones, all-in-twos, hybrids, bamboo, hemp, ZORB, microfiber, microfleece, flats, prefolds, fitteds, on and on and on… I needed to find some good charts on Pinterest to use as a decipher when looking into cloth diapers. It was like doing a research project in another language.

The initial learning curve made them seem a lot more intimidating than they were. But once I put some time into reading through Fluff Love University and looking through YouTube videos, things started to fit into place. Still, it wasn’t until I had them in hand and went through the process that it really clicked how easy cloth diapering really is. I’m really glad I put in that bit of learning up-front, because it has already become my favorite part about motherhood. Well, other than my charming little baby of course.

Where are you on the learning curve?