Window Shopping Episode 2

Welcome to the newest episode of: Things I want but don’t have the money for!

Window Shopping: Babians Blends

How gorgeous are these prints?
Someone had posted a pic on Instagram of the Noah print, which is what brought this brand to my attention. These prints simply stand out. I still have an obsession with watercolors, and these are exceptional. Some are just simple like the Goldie, but others are more complicated like Belize which has very detailed coral and jellyfish in it.

They only have one size covers with snap-in inserts. You have the option to get either just the cover, or add a bamboo/cotton blend or hemp insert. One thing I respect is that they tried to make their covers fit with other liners because they understand every baby is different, so they have a policy to “never bundle items to force a sale.” It seems like many companies do share that policy, but it’s refreshing nonetheless to see a company that cares about the comfort of their customers over just another sale.

The covers are also reasonably priced at $15.50 for the cover, $19.00 with the bamboo-cotton insert, and $20.00 with the hemp insert. Babian’s Blends also offers discounts and free shipping on larger orders to encourage bigger orders.

Since this is a window shopping post, I don’t have one of these covers to actually review. Their diaper specs mention that they have double gussets and a double PUL which I’m hoping means double the chances of holding in all liquids!

I haven’t heard too many other people mention this brand, so if you have any experiences with them, do let me know!