Window Shopping Episode 3

I’ve seen a lot of new preorder companies start up. EVERYONE loves cloth diapers (okay, maybe I’m projecting here), but everyone who does love cloth diapers loves to think about what diapers they would make, and wants to see those ideas come to life. I’m 100% guilty of this myself… hence why this page will be the eventual landing page of my future company. A new pop-up preorder company that caught my eye this week is Teeny Tots Tushies.

Tatyanna, the owner, started the shop in June 2020 in honor of her rainbow baby. Her vision is to create diapers that spread awareness and representation of all different types of people in the world. You can tell by her first pre-order that there’s something for people of any skin color.

I definitely think it’s worth supporting these types of endeavors, so check em out if you do too!