Window Shopping: Seedling

Another beautiful brand that doesn’t have a US retailer: Seedling Baby.

They have a new collection of flora and fauna prints by designer Laura Berry (Milky Designs) that are GORGEOUS and very eye-catching. I think the colors are understated and have a vintage feel, like natural history sketches. Seedling Baby lets the colors pop even more by having brighter edges on the legs and waist. The Australian animals also seem exotic to me too. We don’t have platypuses or kangaroos here!

The founder originally got into nappies, and designing nappies, after her daughter was born with hip dysplasia. She heard double cloth nappies were recommended, and learned as much as she could. Over time, she was able to hone in on a design which worked so well.

Their design is advertised as having double gussets, a wide crotch which makes stuffing easier, a wide waist, and resizable to grow with the baby. Their website sells pockets, covers, and newborns. I wish I could get each of the pockets, but I don’t think I could justify the costs to my husband, sadly. For now, I’ll keep drooling over them from my computer.