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BOOSTER - Flour Sack Towels - Hundred Acre Wood

BOOSTER - Flour Sack Towels - Hundred Acre Wood

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Note: Able to hold 4 ounces, these should be used as BOOSTERS, and not stand alone inserts. Add these to your regular inserts for a small boost in absorbency.

Say hello to the newest addition to your cloth diaper setup: Flour Sack Towels! 100% cotton and super absorbent, these multi-purpose towels will bring a little fun and flair to your baby's messy business. (More laundry, you say? Bring it on!)

Plus, these flour sack towels can still be used beyond the life of your baby's cloth diaper journey. After potty training, they can still be used for cleaning up every other kind of mess around the house. This makes them more sustainable to households trying to make a smaller impact on the planet.

For regular One-Size cloth diapers, fold for 6 layers.
For newborn sizes, fold for 8 layers.

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