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Close - Close Pop-in Reusable Wipes Pastel

Close - Close Pop-in Reusable Wipes Pastel

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There are so many reasons to switch to reusables and wipes is one of the easiest swops for any parents to make. Our Pop-in baby wipes are plastic free, super soft on baby’s skin and because they are so absorbent, they are far more efficient at cleaning too! You will only need 20-30 wipes to replace some 200 packs or 15,000 individual disposables wipes between birth to potty! They come packed in a handy sized little tote bag. Just like disposable wipes they aren't just for dirty bottoms, they are also perfect for all sorts of other things too like mucky hands and faces and even make the most amazing makeup wipes! Pack contains 10 wipes in zipped totes.

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