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Lighthouse Kids

Lighthouse Kids - SIGNATURE All In One - Elephants

Lighthouse Kids - SIGNATURE All In One - Elephants

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SIGNATURE™️ Cloth Diapers are perfect for parents who are starting to cloth. If your baby is skinny, if you are starting from birth, we recommend our SIGNATURE™️ Cloth Diapers. This All-In-One diaper is easy to use-no stuffing, no two pieces to worry about. Fits babies 6-32 lbs. best. Made with 100% Bamboo Knit, with a fleece topper.

Lighthouse Kids Company SUPREME™️ Cloth Diapers are exactly the same as our original Signature All-In-One, expect it's made with the toddler, bigger baby, or special needs child in mind! If your baby weighs between 15lbs-55lbs this diaper will fit perfectly.

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