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Variety Stack Pack

Variety Stack Pack

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Stack Pack

A curated stack of pockets and inserts that is meant to provide a variety of:

  • Inside lining materials,
  • Insert materials, and
  • Brands.


All while looking cute together!



Inside Lining

Insert Material


Athletic Wicking Jersey

5-layers Hemp

Rig n Gig

Athletic Wicking Jersey

2 of bamboo outer and 2 layers of thirsty hemp/cotton inside.



2 inserts that snap together.
Newborn insert: 3 layers of microfiber terry, Full size insert: 55% hemp, 45% cotton



Rayon Polyester





The stack spans different price points, so you can directly compare if pricier diapers work better for you before committing to a whole stack. Or perhaps you learn you really don't see much difference at all and want to stick with cheaper brands!


Things to keep in mind:

  • Do any of the linings give baby rash or discomfort?
  • Which brand fits best and gives no leaks?
  • Which material absorb best for day use? For night use?
  • Do you like the inserts to snap in?
  • Are any harder to wash?


Mix and match pockets with inserts until you find your ideal combination!


Regular price if purchasing separately: $77.63, all for $62.95

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